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Gotlandic Picture Stones - The Online Edition

Picture Stones
The Gotlandic picture stones are monuments with diverse and rich iconographic imagery; some stones also carry runic inscriptions. Geological analysis has generated new and interesting data about the choice of raw material. Only a few stones remain in their original position, while the majority have been found in secondary contexts, such as re-used as building material in churches.
The Online Edition
This site is a scholarly edition with text entries for every stone. Its technical foundation is a database, and the entries can be searched and browsed accordingly. A bibliography lists all references and further literature about the Gotlandic picture stones. For each individual stone, archival material is included either as documents or linked data. High-resolution 3D models of the stones are interactively viewable and also available for download.
Gotlandic Picture Stones – The Online Edition is the result of the research project Ancient Images 2.0, in which numerous persons and institutions collaborated. Here you can find information about the project, the team, contact information, the funding agencies, and publications.