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Gotlandic Picture Stones - The Online Edition

Funding agencies

The project Ancient images 2.0, in the context of which this online edition was created, was financed by the Swedish Research Council Vetenskapsrådet, together with Riksbankens Jubileumsfond and Kungliga Vitterhetsakademin, within the program ʻDigitization and accessibility of cultural heritage collectionsʼ (DIGARV,, with a funding amount of almost 15 million SEK (


Two PhD positions linked to the Ancient Images 2.0 project were financed by further institutions. Hannah Strehlau’s PhD project was funded by our cooperation partner, the Center for Baltic and Scandinavian Archeology (ZBSA) in Schleswig, Germany; Patrick Hänsel’s PhD position was funded by the German Research Council, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft. Both projects contributed to this online edition.


An international conference, the Picture Stone Symposium, held in August 2022 in Visby as part of the Ancient Images 2.0 project, was sponsored by Vetenskapsrådet, Kungl. Vitterhetsakademien and Gustav Adolfs Academien.


The side project, Perceptions of a pagan past. Prehistoric spolia in medieval Scandinavian churches with an emphasis on Gotland, the results of which are also included in this online edition, was financed by Marcus and Amalia Wallenberg Foundation.


The long-term maintenance of the database is the responsibility of Gotlands Museum in Visby; long-term content management and editorial responsibility has Sigmund Oehrl as professor at Stavanger University (Archaeological Museum).